Oppo Find X3 release date, price, specifications, and amazing capabilities

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Oppo is one of the largest Chinese phone companies. It has started to attract a lot of attention in America and Europe. And the Oppo Find X3 line is considered one of the most prominent phones. Also Find X2 devices in 2020 were among the best phones of the year. And we would love to see Oppo’s new smartphone Find X3 soon.

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Oppo Find X3 leaks

The Oppo Find X3 range is the next range of the brand that we expect to see. Most likely at the beginning of 2021, but maybe more towards the middle (as we’ll start later in this article). We can see up to four devices launched.

The company launches many phones annually that target the middle class and has achieved great success in that. 

Still, OPPO is currently targeting the most luxurious phone category with its excellent phone Oppo Find X.

The Oppo Find X2 line, which was released in early 2020, started with two phones, the ” standard ”. And the Find X2 Pro, but two others were released shortly after that. Find X2 Lite and Find X2 Neo, bringing the total. One to four phones. This gave a competitive advantage and diversified options for customers.

Since there is only one device in the first generation of Find X. This is a different launch method that does not make us sure about the upcoming series. but it made us think about what the next device might look like, the Oppo Find X3. We don’t even know when the phone will appear for sure.

In light of the limited information available on this issue, we’ll review what we contacted throughout this article.

Oppo Find X3 latest leaks

Oppo’s new smartphone latest leaks have led to the fact that there are three different versions in the series – Oppo Find X3, Find X3 Neo, and Find X3 Pro – so there is no “vanilla” model.

This leads to bigger explanations, but it can confuse some people as well. We have also heard about some leaks about the Pro model, including its design, camera specifications, and memory.

Oppo Find X3 release date and price

Most smartphone chains get annual releases – this was not the case for the first two generations of Oppo Find.As the first version was introduced in mid-2018 and the second about two years later.

However, Oppo has explicitly stated that Find X3 will launch in March 2021. This information may change, and the date may change.

We don’t have any leaks or information about the price yet.

Oppo Find X3 price

The Find X2 line price ranges from (roughly $530) for the Find X2 Lite to (about $1,450)For the Find X2 Pro, so for different phones in the line-up, we could see vastly different costs.

Oppo find x3 price in Malaysia

Oppo Find X3 Expected Price Start is   MYR. 3,581 to   MYR. 4,368

Oppo find x3 price in India

Oppo Find X3 Expected Price is   Rs. 30,490

Oppo find x3 price in Pakistan

Oppo Find X3 Expected Price is PKR 150,000

Oppo’s new Smartphone Color System

Oppo's new smartphone color os 11

When Oppo confirmed the existence of Find X3, it did so when it described the full path color management system.

Essentially, the new screen version will provide a wider color gamut and better color accuracy for the displayed images.

It also ensures that visual images are not compressed or modified during the course of the video, image. Or a game in its digital journey across systems only through our phone. Making sure that they look as high-quality as possible.

Rumors and news about Oppo Find X3

Oppo has previously confirmed that its next flagship, Find X, will use the cutting-edge Snapdragon 888 chipset.

Find X3 is not mentioned by name. But it is assumed that this is what it is talking about and what it expects to be in this series.

Oppo Find X3 Specifications

the FCC has included details of a phone believed to be either the Oppo Find X3- or Oppo Find X3 Pro. This includes mentioning a 4,400mAh or 4,500mAh battery and 65W charging speeds. OS Android 11, ColorOS 11.2. More Information about Android 11.

Oppo Find X3 Processor

Meanwhile, a leak indicates that Oppo Find X3 may have a 3K display with a high refresh rate. A Snapdragon 875 chipset (which the 888 was previously thought to release). Fast charging and a dual-lens camera are all believable, except perhaps The camera. Because this looks like a downgrade that is not compatible with this newer version.

Meanwhile, Oppo Find X3 Pro has been widely leaked, with; Evan Blass (a leak with track record) revealing most potential specs.

Oppo Find X3 Camera

This includes a quad-lens camera with 50 MP primary. 50 MP ultra-wide, 13 MP (with 2x optical zoom), and 3 MP macro lenses. The macro also works to look like a microscope, with a 25x zoom and lights around the lens.

Oppo Find X3 Display

Other specifications apparently include a 6.7-inch curved screen with; a resolution of 1440 x 3216 with 525 pixels per inch and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

There is also said to be a 4,500mAh battery with 65W wired charging and 30W wireless charging; and the ability to tap the back or the phone screen against the card readers to make contactless payments.

It is clear that the Find X3 Pro will come in black and blue, and later in white; and will have a choice of ceramic float glass or frosted matte glass that gives strength and durability.

According to the frequent leaks, the three Oppo Find X3 phones will be Lite, Neo, and Pro, so there will be no phone called Oppo Find X3.

Although there are many rumors and confirmations, nothing is certain so far, but there is a critical leak.

Oppo’s new smartphone leaks

Oppo’s new smartphone leaks are that Oppo is working on a phone with a Snapdragon 870 chipset, which is likely to be a “light” version of its 888 phones that will start appearing in phones in early 2021. This phone may be Find X3 or at least one device. It is in the range, but it could also be the Reno 5 instead.

The Oppo Find X2 Pro had a telescopic zoom lens first seen on the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, which facilitated the phone with 5x optical, 10x hybrid, and 60x digital zoom. Well, Oppo seems to be working on an improved version of this lens, which will bring more optical zoom and better aperture. The company is also said to be working on a proprietary high-resolution sensor to pair with this lens.

We’ve also heard that Oppo’s new smartphone can use Sony IMX789, a rumor about Oppo’s new smartphone camera sensor built on the IMX689 used on the Oppo Find X2 Pro. This sensor is likely too large – which is why IMX689 was so good – allowing it to absorb more light for brighter, bolder, more transparent, and sunshine photos.

Oppo has offered a 125W fast charging feature that could hit phones soon. This will power the phone to its 4000mAh (average size) battery in less than 25 minutes. Simultaneously, the company offered 65W wireless charging; which is in line with its current wired speeds.

Oppo recently patented a Li-Fi connected phone that uses light to create ultra-fast connection speeds, but it looks like this will be a bit futuristic to be the Find X3.

Here are some of the changes we hope to see in the Oppo Find X3 series.

Wireless charging

We had one complaint in common with all of the Oppo Find X2 smartphones that we tested: none have wireless charging. This is known to increase the cost. but it has become necessary for such categories of phones.

Wireless charging is beneficial for people with chargers, and with Find X2 phones being among the best products as they are, we’d love to see this one plus.

Improved cameras in non-professional units

While the Oppo Find X2 Pro was an absolute beast of the camera, the other phones in the line were good, not great.

We’d love to see all Find X3 phones have ultra-wide and telephoto lenses to take zoom in and out photos. Depth sensors and macro cameras are not always beneficial, and they are not a substitute for zoom. If this happens, it will be an excellent attraction for users, especially photography enthusiasts.

Sure, Oppo’s post-processing photo optimization is the true hero that makes your photos look good in the Pro, but we’d like to see the company’s impressive zoom technology appear in more of the new series.

Lower price cap

In light of the presence of many competing phones in that category. It is expected that; the new series will be of an affordable price.

Artificial leather on more phones

You can buy the Oppo Find X2 Pro with a synthetic leather case, and it makes the phone feel incredibly good (and easier to hold without falling over). We would like to see every phone that uses this material in general, but this article is about Oppo Find X3, so we would definitely like these phones to bring back the material.

While Find X2 Pro can only come in the material, we’d like to see more Find X3 phones come with it – maybe even the Lite model, although it might raise the price a bit.

Another affordable 5G phone

We will end this list by saying that we want Oppo to replicate something it did in the Find X2 series by offering a 5G phone at a very reasonable price in the form of Find X2 Lite.

This phone gets the 5G network in the hands of people who may want it. but put off the fact that most 5G phones are premium devices. Now you don’t need to spend much to get a 5G connection.

We’d love to see the same thing happen on the Find X3 series to keep the cheap 5G phone ball rolling.

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