Telegram vs WhatsApp: Which chatting app is the best?

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Telegram app

Telegram vs WhatsApp; Let’s review the facts. Telegram app has to turn out to be the most downloaded non-gaming app throughout the globe for January 2021. It has greater than 63 million installs (Telegram download), 3.8 instances its downloads within the same month a year in the past. Additionally, a fewer user did a telegram delete account, it has plenty of capabilities, besides using a Telegram desktop ( Telegram web ). After that, you are probably asking; Which chatting app is the best WhatsApp or Telegram? 

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Telegram app vs WhatsApp in 2021

Telegram has attained the top position in the universal downloads (non-game) on Google Play store shifting from 9th position in the previous month, December 2020. The social messenger has also entered the list of top 10 most downloaded (non-game) apps on App store, directly gaining the fourth position,” the Sensor Tower report said, Telegram download is above normal in the last few months.

The second position is taken by TikTok. Signal is positioned at the third spot, which indicates that the messaging app’s reputation is also gaining momentum.

Fourth place is taken by Facebook; however, what’s (not) unexpected is that WhatsApp is now in the fifth position. This is slightly problematic for the app as it has slid from the third place, which is held in December 2020.

WhatsApp’s, diminishing function is attributed to the recently-updated privacy policies, which indeed exhibits privacy infringement. For this, the app has been below the terrible limelight and people, particularly in India, are searching for alternatives, which they have observed in Telegram and Signal.

Telegarm Download

Telegram download is available at google play store and apple store. if you want to try it. here, as we said, Telegram download is above normal these days, if you are searching for a new chatting app, Try Telegram, and you can use WhatsApp as well.

Which chatting app is the best for you? 

Telegram vs Whatsapp chatting apps

Telegram vs WhatsApp 

One key distinction between the pair is that Telegram vs WhatsApp report. They have different attitudes to users’ privateness and data. 

If privateness issues are a concern or users want to keep away from the mainstream, Telegram has to be an excellent choice. 

Both WhatsApp and Telegram boast a variety of similar features such as photo-in-photo viewing and stickers. But at the same time, both messaging systems have different capabilities.

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The end-to-end encryption 

WhatsApp Privacy

First point in Telegram vs Whatsapp report. The end-to-end encryption chat function lets users set a timer on messages to self-destruct after a particular time. 

Telegram users also get notifications for screenshots taken, and the secret chat can not be forwarded. Specific to Telegram, Bots are software based on AI and system learning capable of effectively performing several duties.

For example, a photo bot can get photos from a name. There are so many forms of bots with photo bot, gif bot and sticker bot as few of the most famous ones. Telegram’s cloud storage permits photos, text messages, media files, and documents stored on their cloud. 

Telegram Privacy

Cloud storage additionally allows Telegram users to log in and out, so backup that means restore isn’t a purpose of worry for users. Making sure the privacy of users’ contact number, with public username, Telegram users can chat with others on the app even they do no longer have the contact number of the others

WhatsApp groups and Telegram channels 

Even as groups are to WhatsApp, a channel is to Telegram, but, channels may have an unlimited range of users. 

A Telegram channel admin operates as an administrator; who can make choices on which users can post, and different members can view the posts on channels. The opposite of WhatsApp which needs the smartphone app to run,

Telegram has independent apps for all platforms in the offering. Telegram’s media compression additionally lets users select if they want to compress the photo and video or send the uncompressed version.

Telegram vs WhatsApp number of users 

WhatsApp presently boasts 1.6 billion active users compared to Telegram’s stated 200 million monthly active users. 

This means your pals and family are more likely to have WhatsApp instead of Telegram. 

Whatsapp also brought end-to-end encryption for all chats while Telegram uses it only for its secret chat. 

Chat app Whatsapp supports voice in addition to video calls. Whatsapp permits a sender to know about the delivery and message read status through the other user. And, Telegram supports both voice & video calls which were missing for a long time.

Telegram Desktop

Telegram Desktop or Whatsapp web

WhatsApp Web vs Telegram Desktop

WhatsApp has Whatsapp web. Also, Telegram has a telegram desktop, But to access WhatsApp functions through the browser, it is necessary to use the mobile phone to scan a QR Code. The active session is stored on the computer or a laptop, and there’s no need to repeat the scanning process.

But, to use WhatsApp web, the Laptop or a computer and the mobile phone must be connected to the internet.

Telegram, in the other way, permits you to use the net web version even with the smartphone disconnected. Access is achieved via a code sent to the app. After login, conversations aren’t affected if the smartphone device does no longer has an internet connection. For added protection, it is possible to create a password.


In summary, WhatsApp permits users to make group video calls, has a bigger user base; offers end-to-end encryption, but it lags in the back of Telegram in terms of capabilities which includes limited file sharing and cloud storage. Telegram, however, has so many bots, file sharing, platform compatibility, and privacy: supports voice & video calls but in a smaller user base. WhatsApp or Telegram? Now you can take your choose the best chatting app!

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